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    The club's AGM saw Liz Lotz's tenure as Commodore come to an end after 3 years and a decade in total serving on the committee.  Over that time she has contributed a huge amount to the club at every level in every way. On behalf of the entire membership I would like to thank her for all her hard work and wish her a happy season sailing on Shaytana.

    With Liz's departure I have taken over as Commodore and Tom Bailey has become Vice Commodore.  To find out who else is on the committee please go to the Contact page.  We are always looking for more volunteers to help with the running of the club so if you are interested in helping out please get in touch.

    The booking calendar is now live BUT if there is anything you would like to do that isn't covered please get in touch with Tom as we can always try and shuffle things around to accommodate requests.  We would also love to see volunteers "sponsor" a weekend.  It's not onerous - it simply involves taking responsibility for rallying a group of friends for the weekend and then coordinating on provisioning, itinerary etc.  If you can help please let us know as it makes our lives a lot easier.






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